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Canadian Conference on Promoting Healthy Relationships for Youth

When: February 15, 2017
Time: 8:30 am
Where: London Convention Centre

This conference will bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners working with children and adolescents to prevent and address relationship violence and mental health challenges. These fields of practice have evolved through different disciplines and services systems and often exist in separate silos. The purpose of this conference is to break down the silos through a recognition that there are overlapping issues with common health promotion, prevention, early identification and intervention strategies. The essential breakthrough in this field is happening in school-based programs and integrated curriculum that fosters partnerships with parents, students and community professionals.

Topics Include:

  • The benefits of universal prevention programs to address relationship violence
  • The Healthy Relationships Plus Program: Embedding mental health promotion in an evidence-based healthy relationships approach
  • Addressing the role of technology in relationship violence
  • Social media and sexual violence
  • Emerging approaches to dating violence in adolescents
  • Trauma-informed schools
  • Understanding the intersection between bullying and mental health
  • Promoting well-being among Aboriginal youth through healthy relationships

Innovation Showcase, Posters & Vendor Requests

Interested in showcasing your work or being a vendor at this event? Learn more here

There will be a $150 prize for the top research poster.

Registration Deadlines:

Registration closes February 3, 2017