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Public Health and Planning 101

An Introductory Online Course for Public Health and Planning Professionals to Create Healthier Built Environments

About the Course

There is a growing body of evidence that supports the relationship between land use planning decisions, community design and the determinants of health. Public health and planning professionals are working more closely on shaping the built environment to enhance public health through many land use planning initiatives. However, a lack of knowledge and understanding exists between the professions regarding each other’s overall mandate, legislation, and decision-making processes. It is important that we further build capacity among public health and planning professionals. This course helps to bridge the gaps between both professions and provides greater opportunities for partnership and the creation of healthy built environments.  

Course Syllabus

The online education module has both shared and tailored sections for public health and planners. It is comprised of four sub-modules:

  • Introduction to Health and the Built Environment;
  • Policy, Legislation and Standards;
  • Roles and Responsibilities; and
  • Public Health and Planning Professionals Working Together.

Recommended Background

This course is appropriate for anyone who works in or is enrolled as a student in the public health or planning fields in Ontario. 

Course Format

This online course format consists of short videos, exercises, interactive activities and supporting resources, self-examinations (multiple choice quizzes), and reading.

Recent revisions to the course made possible by funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Course created as collaboration between OPHA and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. OPHA wishes to thank the OPHA Built Environment and OPHA Environmental Health workgroup members who contributed to this initiative.

Course at a Glance

• Approximately 3.5 hours to complete course modules (learn at your pace)